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Beyond The Flowers ~ The Serenity Blog Circle

September 18, 2019
I was determined not to miss another Serenity Circle blog post but at the same time I was feeling a little uninspired. The local children had all returned to school so I...
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How To Find A Missing Mojo

August 12, 2019
From time to time we all find ourselves struggling to work up enthusiasm for our photography. Part of us thinks we really should go and shoot something but a bigger part...
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Lensbaby Blog Circle – Sunflower Studies

July 31, 2019
I’ve been eyeing up the cut sunflowers for sale in my local supermarket for the last few weeks and hoping the day that I have both the inspiration to do something with th...
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Lensbaby Blog Circle – Experimenting with Double Exposures

June 30, 2019
I’m cheating a little this month by only sharing three images for the Lensbaby Blog Circle. Ideally I like to share between 5 and 10 but I missed last month so I really d...
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Serenity Project June – A Graveyard Wander

June 19, 2019
Now I may be alone in this opinion but I don’t think that there is anywhere more tranquil and serene than a graveyard on a warm and sunny day and that’s exactly where I h...
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Thoughts On New Cameras

June 11, 2019
I make no secret of the fact that I have very little interest in photography equipment. I’ve been shooting with a full frame Sony A99 for around five years, with the spee...
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Lensbaby Blog Circle – Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

April 30, 2019
For this month’s blog circle I’m sharing something very different for me, something that’s way out of my comfort zone… Over the last year or so I’ve found myself slippin...
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Lensbaby Blog Circle – Tulips in Black & White

March 31, 2019
This month I’ve been finding myself drawn to black and white photography and questioning why I don’t shoot and share more images in black and white. If I look through my...
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Finding Serenity in Creativity

March 20, 2019
I would love to be able to paint. Not in a photo-realistic way, although I massively admire the enormous level of skill and talent those painters possess, but I would lov...
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Lensbaby Edge 35, A Quick Trial

March 13, 2019
I’ve been really lucky to have had a loan of a beta version of the brand new Lensbaby Edge 35 for the last couple of weeks and although the weather has meant that I’ve no...
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Lensbaby Blog Circle – Wabi Sabi Roses

February 28, 2019
For this month’s Lensbaby Blog Circle post I’m sharing some images of my beautiful dead roses. Whenever I’m buying flowers to photograph I always look for the ones that h...
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In Fog and Snow ~ Serenity Project February

February 20, 2019
What could possibly be more serene than a walk in snow and fog, each brings their own unique silence, put them together and you feel like you could be all alone in the wo...
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Well This Is Embarrassing!!

February 18, 2019
Last week an interesting email popped into my inbox from the lovely Keri at Lensbaby. It was an invitation to join a select group of Lensbaby Artists and be part of Lensb...
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Buddhist Centre Visit – Serenity Project

February 15, 2019
I honestly don’t think there can be anywhere that feels more serene than the Samye Ling Buddhist Centre in Eskdalemuir, Scotland. I’ve visited here a number of times over...
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Lensbaby Blog Circle – A Wander Along Manchester’s Canals

January 31, 2019
It’s very rare that I do any urban photography, partly because I’m happiest in the countryside or by the sea but I’m also a little uncomfortable wandering a city centre a...
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