Thoughts On New Cameras

June 11, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I make no secret of the fact that I have very little interest in photography equipment. I’ve been shooting with a full frame Sony A99 for around five years, with the speed technology evolves that makes it quite outdated as a camera. It was a major expense when I bought it, a huge step up from my previous little crop sensor.

Did it make me a better photographer? No, not all. But it did make me a different photographer.

Changing to an electronic viewfinder meant that I could see exactly what I was shooting and that helped me see and use light differently. Having focus peaking helped me fall in love with manual focus lenses, to the point where I rarely use standard lenses.

Five years on and the camera is still going strong and as someone with no interest in cameras I had zero plans to change it. Until my body told me otherwise! Shoulder problems meant that the weight of this body and lenses were becoming an issue and I made an impulsive purchase of a Fuji X-T20. Chosen purely for it’s (lack of) weight in many ways it’s a backward step from my full frame Sony.

Is it making me a worse photographer? No not at all, but it’s making me a different photographer.

Now that sounds familiar!

There’s something quite special about the combination of the Fuji and my Helios vintage lens, I liked it on the Sony but there’s something different about this combination. I’ve been enjoying wandering around gardens with it and often find it can create a painterly look to backgrounds.

And just look at the amazing background here, no editing other than a slight contrast tweak and a crop!

And a couple with textures from my new Floral Bokeh Collection….

And of course I’m still loving shooting with all my Lensbabies. In some cases the effects are just a little less noticeable and I’m adjusting to the fact that they all effectively become longer focal lengths. Although as someone who isn’t a natural wide shooter I’m quite happy with my Burnside becoming closer to a 52mm focal length!

I’m also really enjoying getting creative with in camera double exposures, but more on those some other time….



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