Finding Serenity in Creativity

March 20, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

I would love to be able to paint. Not in a photo-realistic way, although I massively admire the enormous level of skill and talent those painters possess, but I would love to able to paint in loose, more impressionistic or abstract style. I imagine that process of adding paint to paper or canvas and becoming lost in the process of creating something is both relaxing and energising at the same time. Knowing that you’ve created something unique, fuelled by your imagination must be incredibly rewarding.

I can’t paint, although perhaps I’ll try to learn at some point, but I can take photos. And I can take those photos and create something unique from them. I light a candle, perhaps put the radio on quietly in the background, and allow myself time to simply create with no expectations for the end result. I find this process incredibly relaxing, time flies as I lose myself in the process in the same as I imagine it must do for a painter.

For this month’s Serenity Project I thought I’d share three of my latest creations, I’ve found my serenity in the process of creating and hopefully there’s also a sense of serenity within the images.

Creative landscape photography with Lensbaby Edge 35

Digital art, urban

Creative forest photo




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