Lensbaby Blog Circle – October

October 31, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Despite being determined not to miss another month’s blog circle September somehow disappeared without me managing a post. I was actually shocked to realise that I only picked up my camera once in the whole month! That really isn’t like me, I’ll generally shoot something once a week at the very least. I have been getting creative in other ways though so I think I’ll blame that for my lack of photography.

This month I’m sharing a few still life images inspired by a bunch of greenery I bought (just like a bunch of flowers except there are no flowers!), I couldn’t wait for the poppy heads to die and dry out and for the rest to wilt a little. I’m always more inspired by things that have past their best. I love the shapes, tones and textures of the poppy heads now that they have dried out and think they will be featuring a lot in my still lifes.

textures for photographers

photography by Janet Broughton

Photography by Janet Broughton

photography by Janet Broughton

photography by Janet Broughton

Textured photography

photography by Janet Broughton

digiatl textures still life photo

Most of these were taken with the Velvet 56 apart from the third and fourth which were taken with the Sol 45. For the textured images I’ve used various textures from my latest collection, in the third image I’ve blended one of my own with one from Flypaper Textures.

Next up in the circle is Gizella with her beautiful pink dahlias, please click here and head over to her post and then have a wander around the rest of the circle.



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